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Another busy day tomorrow...

Tomorrow, at Maya's school, it's International Day. All the classes put on a show, sing some international songs and are asked to wear their home country's native clothes. Since Maya would have to wear either Native American clothes (which we do not have) or t-shirt and jeans (which she wears a lot anyway), she's representing the other half of her heritage and wearing an Indian outfit. She's asked me to wear one too, but we'll see. :-D

After that, we're leaving school with another mom and her daughter to go to the British School where we're applying for next year. Maya has to take a 2 hour placement exam! For Koreans, it is an entrance exam, for Maya, it is a placement exam. She's already in because of her nationality (non-Koreans get priority), so the exam is to figure out which of the three 2-year classes she'll be put into.

Yes, according to the British system, she'll be in Year Two. I'll have a second grader. That's weird!

Anyway, I was a little freaked when I found out that she has to take a two hour exam. She's 6 years old! But other kids have taken it already and I have found out that they do some worksheets, eat a snack, take a playground and bathroom break for 1/2 hour and then do more worksheets. Sounds a lot better than "placement exam for two hours"!!

Anyway, I'm not too worried about the test itself...I told her to do her best. Thankfully, she's being tested with another kid from her class, so she'll know someone and be a bit more comfortable since I am not allowed in the testing room.

But it is going to be a long day. :-)

And now, pictures of Nadia at Art class...

Such concentration! Such concentration!
Nadia is getting good at using glue.
Sometimes I can't believe that I created something so adorable! Sometimes I can't believe that I created something so adorable!
And Nadia is very proud of her horsie too. :-)
I can totally relate to the height difference... I can totally relate to the height difference...
I hope it isn't a preview of the rest of her life. :-D
Nadia and her art teacher. Nadia and her art teacher.
Seo-hee is also my language exchange partner.

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