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My mom

I had a very interesting conversation with my mom today. My parents came to the US from India in 1971. I asked her how she felt when she came here for the first time. What she said sounded so familair. She said that she would cry everyday. !! She cried while dad was at work and then she would cry when he came home. Wow, totally relate to that. She said that it was really hard for her because she came in the middle of winter to New Jersey (brr!!) and coming from Southern India, that's quite an adjustment. I could relate to that too; when we went to Seoul back in February, it was still really cold and snowing at times. Plus, my mom at the time didn't know anyone here and didn't know how to drive. But she didn't even want to go out because it was so cold for her. And she was pregnant with me at the time. Talk about your hormones being all over the place!

I hope I survive the move as well as she did.
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