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Baedal haejuseyo!

In other words, "please deliver (this)."


I got the local market to deliver my groceries to my house. I used the phrase that I learnt last week (or was it the week before) and the cashier understood me! Of course, she then proceeded to ask me something else and I had no idea what the heck she was saying and got flustered, as usual. I realized that she was asking me if I still wanted the grocery bags (here, you pay for grocery bags, most people just use their own totes and bags). I ended up just saying yes when she pointed to the bags...oh well, 20 cents ain't gonna kill my bank account. LOL

But the point is, I got stuff delivered! They have no idea what they are in for. *evil grin* Another victory was when the delivery guy asked me if I wanted it delivered now or later...I understood "chigum" which means "now" and said "Ne, chigum" ("Yes, now").

Another WOO!

The guy rode his little scooter with the stuff to my apartment and got there the same time I did walking back with the kids. We are literally right next to the market. Only reason I got them to deliver was because of the 24 juice boxes I bought for the girls. We rode in the elevator to my apartment and the delivery guy asked me if I spoke Korean. Only thing I understood was "Hangung-mal" which means Korean. Um, if I spoke Korean, do you think I'd have this blank look on my face? LOL I put my fingers together in the universal sign of "a little bit". He smiled and nodded.

What was funny though, was that I almost said, "un peu" which means "a little" in French. Random French and German words come back to me from my years of studying those languages in high school and college. There are a couple of moms at Maya's art class who speak fluent German to each other...that threw me for a loop. Korean women speaking fluent German (they also speak English and Korean). Turns out they lived in Switzerland for a long time before coming back to Korea. Anyway, I picked up on random German words during their conversation and I was able to get that they were setting up a playdate for their kids. All this still makes me think that I'd have had a much easier time if we had moved to somewhere in Europe.
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