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Well, there's always next weekend...

Our day didn't go exactly as planned. We left the house around 11:30am. Right away, the frustration started. We got outside and we were COLD. There was not a cloud in the sky and the day before it was warm. But today, the wind was blowing. So, back up to the apartment we went to grab some heavier jackets. Ok, so we head back out and get a ways down the hill to the subway when I get my camera out to take some pictures...that's when I saw that I forgot to put a memory card into it! ARGH! So, Chris and the girls decide to explore a new park near the apartment while I went back up to the apartment to grab a card and Chris' phone which he had forgotten as well.

Back down I went, and to the new little park. Ok, so it turned out that this little detour was pretty cool. It was a pretty park and it had some flowering trees. And some cool paths and two cool playgrounds.

Pink joy Pink joy

Took the subway and got off near Insadong. I've talked about Insadong before. A street of various shops, touristy area, but also artsy. I like it there. I need to go there one Saturday by myself...window shopping and trinket shopping is so much easier without a bored family weighing you down. :-p I'm going to try to remind myself this next Saturday and go by myself. Someone else help me remember, ok?

Anyway, it was lunchtime, so we went to the Korean restaurant we like up there. Awesome food and the total bill was $12 for all four of us. Can't beat that!

After lunch, we started walking to where Chris wanted to take us. He wanted to take us to the nearby palace gardens. But, it was really windy and cold and the gardens are up on a hill. So, because we were all already a bit chilly, we decided to save that for another day. We walked through Insadong, heading towards the big Coffee Bean in the middle of it. Took some time to look at some shops. Saw some cool street vendors like this guy who was making little objects out of colorful thick guage wire.

Wire airplane! Wire airplane!

Got some coffee and walked around some more. Saw a cultural show...went to another park and watched the girls run around and scare the pigeons. Picked up a couple of new pins and buttons (or badges) for Maya's and Nadia's jackets. Then we got on the subway and started to head home. It was about 4:30pm though, so we decided to make a stop at a new park we saw on Saturday when we had gone out to dinner. The park was adorned with hundreds of hanging lamps and there was a new playground there too. So we went there for about an hour...the girls had a lot of fun. We went across the street to look for a place to have dinner and came across a Japanese Tonkatsu restaurant. The food was good, the girls were ravenous and Maya practiced more with using regular chopsticks. I'm so proud of her. :-)

So overall, not what I had hoped to see (flowering cherry blossom trees) but it wasn't a bad day (at least when the girls weren't whining about how cold it was or how much walking we were doing going from place to place). Next weekend, we're going to try to leave the house early on Sunday to hopefully catch the cherry blossoms before they fade away for another year.

In the new park by our apartment. In the new park by our apartment.
Smile! Smile!
New park near Dongguk University. New park near Dongguk University.
Playground at the new park near Dongguk University. Playground at the new park near Dongguk University.
What a talented girl! What a talented girl!

Full set of pictures are in my ScrapBook Gallery.
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