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Have to share my CJ

I'm in a project called "Circle Journals". kaffy and wendy_in_md are also in this project with me. Basically, a group of people get together for this. You can either do one theme for the whole group or allow each person choose a theme for their CJ. Each person puts together a book based on the chosen theme. Then around the same time, everyone sends his/her CJ to the next person on the list. For instance, there are 5 people in a group. They decide to choose one theme for everyone, say, Favorite Games. Each person decorates his/her CJ's cover, title page and their own pages depicting their favorite games. Then at the selected mailing date, they all pass on their CJs to the next person. That person then decorates pages in the CJ with their favorite games. This goes on until the five CJ have travelled around the circle and everyone receives their own CJ back with completed pages from every other person.


It is pretty fun.

In the round that I'm in, we've all chosen our own themes. My theme is "Most Beloved Books". I love the way it turned out. I thought I would share pictures here.

CJ Cover CJ Cover
I covered the front of the book with some scrapbook paper I bought a long time ago. Finally found a cool use for it. :-D
Inside Cover Inside Cover
On the inside cover, I made a pocket and stamped a couple of fantasy images on it (IRL, the stamps look good but here it looks like it didn't ink properly). The bookmarks are for people in the CJ group to decorate with their name and personal info so I know who all were in the group.
Title Page Title Page
I picked out a few quotes I like about books and wrote a small introduction to the book and myself. Man, my handwriting looks messy!
First Page First Page
This is my first page of Beloved Books. I also scattered quotes and more fantasy stamps around it. But mainly, it has pics of the books and a small blurb from me about why I love it so much.
Second Page Second Page
This is the righthand page of my two-page spread.
Back Cover Back Cover
I covered the back cover with that same paper. Covering the spine was hard since it was a thin book. But I think it turned out wonderfully and I'm so proud of it.

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