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When did Nadia learn to read "GoPets"???

This morning, after Chris left for work, Nadia comes running over to the computer that Chris set up for the girls and starts saying "I want to pay dopez!" I had never heard her ask for GoPets before. But yesterday, I downloaded a bunch of GoPets wallpapers (thanks to threeparts!) for Maya to use (she changes wallpapers like she changes her mood!). I guess that spurred a GoPets session last night and probably where Nadia started to want to play "dopez!".

But here's the really freaky part. They currently have the Village Ferry wallpaper on. And I log Nadia into her account and she sees her doggy, Churro, come on. She says, "Hi Chuwo!" and then points to a sign on the wallpaper and reads it: "DOPEZ!"

Here's a pic of the wallpaper and I've circled the sign that she pointed to:

I'm sure that she just recognizes the logo, but still...took me by surprise. I'm still in awe over Maya using regular chopsticks last week, so being surprised at what my kids pick up and how and how quickly isn't...well...surprising. LOL
Tags: funny kid stories, gopets, nadia
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