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I'm still amazed at Korean generosity towards the girls

Sunday afternoon, Chris decided that we should head out to the Cheong Gye Cheon (Cheong Gye Stream). It is a newly renovated stream/park a little north of where we live. It recently opened up and people have been telling me that it is a nice area to take the family to. It is close to Myeongdong, the place that Chris and I like to go to for DimSum and on our dates. So, we took a taxi to Myeongdong first. We decided to treat the girls to ice cream or smoothies (they chose smoothies) and then we got some coffee for us at Coffee Bean. After that, we started walking towards the Cheong Gye Cheon. It was a nice day (a little too windy sometimes but besides that, nice) and there were a lot of people out and about.

We got to the Cheong Gye Cheon and Maya was so excited. She saw the stepping stones going across the stream and remembered the stream near the old 5-story walkup we stayed in before moving to our current apartment. She loved going to that stream and going back and forth across the stones. We headed down the steps to the main stream area.

We walked up and down the stream and across it a few times too. There were some bridges as well as the stones.

At one end, we saw a performance going on on top of one of bridges, so we headed back up to street level to check it out. Turned out to be a bellydancing troupe! We stayed to watch the performance, the girls loved the colorful dresses and I enjoyed the dancing...Chris enjoyed everything. ;-)

At the end of their performance, they grabbed people out of the audience to come up and dance with them. One of the girls headed straight for me! I grabbed Nadia to come with me too. I tried to get Maya to come too, but she's way too shy for something like this. She and Chris hung back to take pictures instead. The girl spoke English, so she talked to me a little bit and of course paid a lot of attention to Nadia. :-) When the music started playing, Nadia started dancing and all was fine. Then the girl told her to turn around so that Chris could take her picture. But Nadia thought she was tell her to go to Daddy and she wanted to just keep dancing! That's when the tears started.

We both tried to get her to stop crying until the girl took off the jingly part of her dance outfit. She put that around Nadia and suddenly Nadia wasn't crying anymore!

What was really amazing though was the fact that she said that Nadia could keep it! WOW! We were getting ready to leave and I was trying to untie it when the girl said, "No, it is a gift for her!". What?! No way! I thought for sure that something got lost in the translation, but then they all started to get ready to leave and the dancer was putting on her coat and walking off. Wow!

The troupe leader came over to us and told us that they are having another performance next Sunday at 2pm at the main plaza of the Cheong Gye Cheon. I think we are going to try to go again. :-) Maya said she wants to try to dance next time. LOL All the women seemed to speak really good English...wonder if they would take on another student. ;-)

I put up more pictures on my ScrapBook Gallery.
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