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Things happen when I don't even know it

I love standing outside of the girls' door after I tuck them into bed. Maya has this beautiful habit of singing about her day. Just now I heard bits and pieces:

"mommy came to my class /
yasmeen and patrica fighted but they did a problem circle /
nadia is bestest sister in the whole world"


When we put them in a room together for the first time, I had the urge to go in and tell Maya to be quiet so that Nadia would be able to fall asleep. I would tell Maya to be quiet and go to sleep. She said, "But, I can't! I fall asleep when I don't even know it." LOL! Maya is forever humming or singing something. I love it actually. And now, since it has been a year since the girls started to share a room, I'm sure that Nadia is used to the singing and probably even needs it to fall asleep.

I'm reminded of sammykate's daughter, Hallie. Last year, for Maya's 5th birthday, we had a slumber party and invited the girls from our MOMSClub playgroup. 5 5-year-olds. Everyone told us that we were nuts for doing it. But it was so much fun. Bedtime was a little hard...someone or the other was complaining about something. Makenzie once called us because she said that Hallie wasn't being quiet. Hallie protested a bit and said that she couldn't sleep. I asked her why and she said she couldn't sleep because Justice (her older sister) wasn't there to talk and sing while she fell asleep.

Now I know. And it makes me smile and feel better about...everything.
Tags: funny kid stories, maya, nadia, raising children
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