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Forget that shit. Here's the good stuff (at least, to me)

Went to Maya's class today to do a few art projects with the class. Next time, I need to do the projects BEFORE I go to the class to make sure they actually work! LOL I did an Origami butterfly first. Very simple instructions, listed as doable for kindergarteners. Here's the link: Origami Butterfly. It looks great on paper...but when we did it in class, we all kind of went, "Uh, THIS is a butterfly?" The teachers and I were laughing and I was feeling funny that kindergarteners were questioning my ability to bring cool crafts to them. But after we drew faces and attached the antennae, then they sort of did look like butterflies. Plus, I told them that sometimes with Origami, you have to use your imaginations.

They bought it. ;-)

The second thing I did with them was make paper flowers for the ends of their pencils. They all got new pencils from the teacher for this craft. Again, I didn't do it beforehand, it seemed so simple. See for yourself: Pencil Flower. But following these instuctions to the tee caused a bit of confusion. First off, we used some gift wrap, but it was thick, so they didn't fold well or roll well around the pencils. And with that kind of paper, we could have used less and had great looking decorations. After we did it (mostly I was going around doing it for them because it really was hard to use that paper), most of them looked at me and said, "That isn't a flower."

Again, I used the imagination bit and they bought it. Either that or they just nodded to make me feel better because there was still a little doubt in their eyes.

What was really funny was the one girl who had a pencil decoration that actually looked like a flower was not happy with it cause it didn't look like everyone else's. *headdesk*

Even Nadia got a new pencil with a flower on it and a origami butterfly to bring home. She loves it there...everyone wants her to sit with them and Maya gets upset if she doesn't get to do something for Nadia. She's very possessive of Nadia when everyone else wants her. LOL

I went to the school's office to see if there was any room in the nursery class for Nadia starting in April. She will be 2 1/2 by then and I think she is totally ready. Besides, she can ride the bus with Maya (there is a bus monitor who sits with the kids, so I'm not worried about Nadia riding the bus) and get used to it for next year when they will be in different schools. The school secretary said she will talk to the director and let me know. The only problem if they let her is that she needs to be more potty-trained than she is now. But if I hear back something positive, that will really give me incentive to be more vigilant with her since that will give me less than a month to make her progress more.

We have made the decision to get Maya into the British International School here for next year. It is a stricter and more academic than the American one, but I think that Maya will get a lot more out of it. Also, the big plus is that it is less than 5 mintues by taxi from our apartment. Very close to where Maya's current school is. The American school is about 45 minutes away. That would severely limit my ability to go there to help out and would cause me some stress if I had to go on an emergency or something. Plus, she'd be spending almost 2 hours on the bus each day.

The other great thing about the British school is that the campus near our house is brand fact it will be opening in August. There are great facilities, like indoor swimming pool, sports faciliites and libraries open to families. And they said they will open the campus up on the weekends so families of kids who go there could use the facilities. Chris and I were both very excited to hear that!

I've got to schedule Maya for a 90-minute placement exam though...they use it to determine which class she will be placed in (they group kids with kids of their own level). A few other kids have already taken it and their parents told me that it wasn't as bad as they thought it would be. The actual exam isn't 90-minutes, thank goodness. That's what we all were freaking out about before. I took Maya for a physical yesterday, she was crying so much before the TB test and the blood test that when they actually did the tests, she said to me, "it hurt, but it wasn't so bad, mommy".

Quick update on Nadia - she's doing great in her big-girl bed. I want to try to get more pics of her sleeping. I have quite a few of Maya at that age...I need to get more of Nadia.
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