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Of beds and fishies...

First off, thanks for the comments on my previous post. I don't feel quite so frumpy anymore. A special thanks to Chris and someone else too. ;-)

I think that frumpy feeling is coming from the fact that I have realized that I've put on a few pounds this past winter. Ugh. I was in decent shape last summer and fall (not IN shape, but in decent shape), not much stuffing around the middle. I was feeling really good about it when I bought some skirts here in Korea last October and those boots. Now though I barely fit in a couple of those skirts. WAH!

Anyway, so I need to do something and am feeling ick about it and that's where the frumpy feeling came from.


But, I'm feeling better today and am determined to do something. For a while, I had cut out all snacks after dinnertime. After 7:30pm, no snacks...maybe just a lollipop to get me through a tough spot, but nothing else. As easy as that may sound, it was hard at first. I don't go to bed before midnight, usually, so I get hungry at around 10pm. And of course, I reach for the chips or crackers. But, I'm going to try to start with that and limit that to a lollipop and water.

I'm already -so- excited. :-/
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Chris was a sweetheart and let me sleep in yesterday morning until almost 11am. Course, he also was still stuffed up and said he couldn't sleep anyway, but I'll still take it as a sweet gesture. :-) Got up to see Maya and Chris surfing on his laptop looking for desktop wallpapers for Maya's new computer. One of the things we had on the plan for today was to go out and get a keyboard for her computer. Nice stuff at PixelGirl Presents. Right now, though, I'm happy with my current wallpaper:

Isn't it gorgeous?? It looks just like my Shadow. I got that picture in one of those emails that has been forwarded a million times. I don't even remember what the email was about...but it had some great pictures.

Anyway, after that, we did lunch, a long Skype call with my inlaws dealing with house crap and catching up in general. After that, I went for a shower - I think it was already 2pm by this time and we still were planning on going out to do errands. Besides, I think Maya would have had a cow if we didn't get her a keyboard today. While I was taking a shower, Chris decided to set up Nadia's twin bed! It wouldn't take him very long and he figured it would be better to do it while he had the time.
It's good to have a handy man. It's good to have a handy man.

Chris setting up the bottom bunk for Nadia.

The girls were both so excited about the new bed. The house is a total mess now, because we had to move some furniture out of their room first. We had a bookshelf under the loft which we had to remove and move to the space between our bedroom doors...I have some arranging to do today. More pictures:
Nadia's new bed! Nadia's new bed!

Funny face! Funny face!

Nadia and Maya having fun on Nadia's new bed.
More funny faces! More funny faces!

Middle of the night pic! Middle of the night pic!

I did the mommy thing and took a picture of her sleeping in her bed in the middle of the night!
She looks so small in the big bed! She looks so small in the big bed!

Yeah, I went into their room last night and took a few of her sleeping. After about the 5th flash in the dark room, she started to stir so i bolted out of the room. LOL

After playing a bit on the new bed, we headed out the door. We went to a place called Seoul Station. There are some shops and restaurants there and a train station...hence the name. :-p We went into a department store called Lotte Mart and did a bit of shopping. We found an area that had fish and other small pets...the bunnies first caught our eye. Maya asked for one and then I asked her who's going to clean up the poop and she pointed at me. I'd love a bunny, but no thanks. I'm already on single-parent mode for the cats most of the time. *frowns* But we looked at the fish instead...Maya's had experience with fish before and she's always wanted to get another one since we moved to Seoul. We found a very pretty blue-green betta. He was the only one of his kind they had...they had a lot of red ones and a couple of blue ones, but this one was shimmery. But since we were going to walk around a bit and get dinner too, we didn't want to buy him right then. So, I sort of pushed his cup to the back of the shelf so that no one else would see him right away and we promised Maya that we'd come back to buy him.

We went around the store and I found some cute t-shirts and a button-up shirt to wear over them. The t-shirts were only $5, so I picked up two. Another reason to lose a bit of weight - they fit now but are a bit snug. We also found a keyboard for Maya and picked up a couple of new mousepads (one for her and one for me!). Then we went to dinner at Bennigan's. We ordered a lot of food and none of it healthy: chicken strips for the girls, cheese fries and a combo appetizer plate for all of us, and bbq ribs and grilled shrimp combo plate for me and Chris to share. Strawberry lemonade for me, iced coffee for Chris and mango juices for the girls. It was yummy!

After a nice dinner, we went back to Lotte Mart and got the fish. We also got a small tank, a little house to put in the tank, a fake plant and green and yellow stones for the bottom. They had glass tanks that were already decorated and were really pretty, but they wouldn't just sell the tank. I would have loved a pretty glass tank but Maya wanted to decorate it herself. So we just bought a plain tank and bought the other stuff to put in it ourselves. And without further ado, I present to you our new fish, DARCY:

Maya named him that after an evil witch in a show she watches here called WinXClub. She said that the fish wasn't evil like the witch, but she just likes the name. LOL I thought it would be cool to name it "mulgogi" which means fish in Korean. But, after a little "that's nice, mommy" she still decided to go with Darcy. :-D

All in all, a very nice Saturday with the family. :-)
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