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I'm floored

Look at me. See anything different?

I love it. I love it.

It is more special to me because of all of you.

Chris got home tonight from work and made an unusual request. He said to get the camera ready and to get on the floor. Uh, what? I was chatting with threeparts and my webcam was on when he said this. And he turned the webcam so threeparts could watch. Ok, I was seriously wondering what had gotten into my husband at that point. All evening long, threeparts had been asking me when Chris was getting home. Usually, he gets home and gets the laptop out so we can chat with people, so I didn't find this out of the ordinary. Even after the third time she asked me. LOL Besides, she assured me that she wasn't stalking him. But then he gets home and tells me to get the camera and get down on the floor, I was a bit suspicious.

Anyway, so I comply (duh!) and I see a package behind his back. What is that? He goes over to the webcam to adjust it, gives threeparts the thumbsup sign. Then, this is what I wonder: is he going to propose to me? A wedding vow renewal ceremony! OMG, he's going to do it! And threeparts is our witness?!

LOL You don't know how funny that is!

Anyway, he gives me a card first. And I read it and start to cry:

Hey there GoMommy,
Your husband and friends have been plotting some time now. We just know how hard you work and how much you've given up for the "betterment" of your family...and we wanted to give you an appreciation / we love you gift. You said you liked this necklace, so we all sprang in. Please, take heart, and know that your actions don't go unnoticed.
-Stephanie Lynnette & Joshua Browning

Who is it from? [i'm putting in LJ names here, but they weren't written like this in the card]
meowmeowbutt, stuckincustoms, gfailure, wombatgirl, Nicky McCloud, minminminminnie, threeparts, fu_shu_jing, citrinia, shiroitori, meadowflower, manda_kitty, xpapergirl, indigotine, estivalfiend, lynnbee and Joshua, your girls and of course, Chris, and a couple of more - basically your GP/LJ Flist!
We love you, Priya! ♥

Then, I open the gift. This is what I got from everyone:

Heart Pendant from Tiffany's Heart Pendant from Tiffany's

I'm so, so touched by all of you. You have no idea...I'm even sitting here tearing up right now as I type this. I don't know what to say.

I love you all. Really. I do. I've never met most of you but you are a part of my life, our lives. And yes, I am thankful, even if I am hard-pressed to admit it, that we made the move.

Words totally fail me right now. So, instead, here are some pics.

The Gift of GoLove.

And finally, though I can't put into words what this means to me and what you all mean to me, and this is by no means adequate, I must simply and from the bottom of my heart say:

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