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A world away

I can't believe it has been over a week already since leaving Seoul. The biggest surprise is that I miss it. Well, I miss Chris and I miss the routine we had gotten going there. And I miss the weather and all the spring festivals that happen at this time.

I am a creature of habit. And I suppose that it takes about 7 weeks to get used to a place, and I had finally been getting used to Seoul. Chris was starting to work regular hours again, I was getting bolder and more adventurous, getting used to not using a stroller with Nadia all the time, getting used to not understanding a word most people said (!).

Its funny, the other day I was at Costco here in Washington State and it hit me that I was surprised that everyone was WHITE. Wierd, because people in Seoul are WHITE, but of a different sort. A lot more brown and blonde hair people here, and of course people in Seoul all have black hair. The other thing that hit me was how big everyone here is. The US really is a country of obese people. I was the biggest person there and I'm maybe 10 pounds overweight. People in Seoul walk a lot, eat healthier, eat smaller portions.

I guess I'm all confused because I'm still not back at home in North Hollywood, back into my routines. I suppose I get back there, get back into my rhythms and I'll go back to not wanting to move to Seoul. We'll see...
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