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Random Saturday afternoon stuff

Maya started crying while eating a lollipop today. She said that her tooth hurt. We checked and she has first loose tooth! Chris and I were way more excited than she was, but she is now excited. She said that she wants the tooth fairy to bring her lots of stickers. I figure the tooth fairy could handle that. :-) Now she can't stop talking about her loose tooth. She said she's going to tell her whole school about it on Monday. LOL

I spent about an hour this afternoon trying to learn how to make a folding paper turtle. I got thoroughly confused with the Korean instructions that came with the cute little package of paper.
Folding paper turtle instructions Folding paper turtle instructions

Uh.... *dies*

I went online and Google was my friend, yet again.

Folding paper turtle Folding paper turtle

YAY! I did it! what?

I figured that I live in Korea, I should know this. :-p

I need to practice the turtle more. It kind of looks like a frog too. Hmmm. The next object to learn how to fold: a rose. A packet of 80 sheets of folding papers is only about the equivalent of $0.50! I picked up turtle, rose and rainbow boats. I also have glitter papers for stars. :-)
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