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More sledding!

Yesterday, Maya's class went on a field trip to Seoul Land to go sledding. Chris had a day off coming since he worked over 24 hours straight once last week, so I asked him to take yesterday off so he could watch Nadia while I went with Maya and her class as a parent chaperone. It worked out perfectly. Chris hung out with Nadia most of the day while I had a great day with Maya.

We got to Seoul Land around 10:15am. All the kids were super excited and dressed up in their snow attire. We got there and we found out that the admission prices were 11,000 Won (~ $11) for each child and 17,000 Won (~$17) for each adult. AND we found out that the school subsidized the kids' prices (we only had to pay 5,000 Won out of our pocket) and the school was paying for the adult chaperones completely. COOL!

Anyway, so we all walk to the sledding area. The hill looked really big to me, but the kids grabbed their sleds and took off up the hill. I asked Miss Mac if she was sledding and she said, "Oh yeah!" as if there was no question. Then I remembered that she's from Canada, and yeah, it probably was a silly question! I was a little nervous as I had only gone on the small hill with Nadia the last time we went sledding. So, up I went too. But first, I took pictures of the kids going on their first run:

The first run! The first run!

Yeah, that snow looks filthy. It was pretty muddy up at the top of the hill. You can see Maya in the bright green coat on the sled with Claire. Second from the left.
There they go!! There they go!!

Maya and Claire launch themselves on their first run of the day.

I went down and man, it was fun! I got a ton of snow up my pant leg though (good thing I was wearing stockings too) and that woke me up! ;-)

After this first run, one of the boys wiped out in the middle of the hill. After that, he wouldn't go anymore and the rest of the boys picked up on his fear. That's when we saw the bunny slope next to the big one! Good thing we didn't see that first, otherwise all the kids (and me) might have just gone there. Anyway, so most of the boys went to the bunny slope while most of the girls took off for more sledding on the big hill. I was heading up the hill again when I saw one of the boys pulling two sleds up behind him. I wondered why he was pulling two...until I saw another girl in the class in front of him with no sled. I asked Maya about that and she said, "Oh, that's Sota. He likes Yui. They're both Japanese." I started cracking up. One, because of the cute crush and the fact that this little boy was struggling with two sleds behind him because he likes her. My opinion of Sota shot up (I already thought he was a sweet child before this). Two, because of how non-chalantly Maya told me about the crush, as if it was old news and EVERYBODY knew and just accepted it. LOL Three, because of the fact they are both Japanese.

About 1/2 hour after we got there, a couple of other schools got there too and then the place was hopping. But it was very well organized and we had no problems keeping track of the kids.

Maya and I went together a few times.

Mommy and Maya after our first run together. Mommy and Maya after our first run together.

We had a great time. I'm so glad that Chris was able to take the day off to watch Nadia for me. I don't have much time to focus solely on Maya and this was something I really wanted to do. She was great too - I was so proud of her for not showing any fear and just diving in and having a lot of fun. And I was proud that the girls stayed on the big hill. :-D

And of course, there are more pictures in my gallery.
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