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Marble in the subway!

I'll explain the title in a bit.

First, I love it when Nadia actually lets me do her hair. This morning, after doing Maya's hair for school, Nadia came running over and wanted hers done too.

Too bad she never keeps them in for longer than an hour. She pulled them out before long. There's nothing I can do to stop her.

Ok, next, I got me some Gustaf pics!

Went to GoPets to meet Chris for lunch. We got Gustaf and Duk Joo to go with us. I love Duk Joo's sunglasses! LOL Gustaf wasn't going to go with us, but he changed his mind. YAY! He was sweet enough to say that it was because he saw me and Nadia, but I'm sure it was because of Nadia. She gets all the attention these days. :-p Anyway, I was in the mood for Bibimbap, but the Korean restaurant we went to didn't have it. WTF? But we had Kalbi (I think that is what it was called) instead which was yummy. We had a good time. The weather was great today too. I still needed my jacket, but I had it open and didn't need my scarf. I like this weather a lot. So far, everyone has said that it will only get warmer. We'll see - last year, it snowed a bit at the beginning of March and I remember it being a lot colder than it is right now. *fingers crossed*

Ok, about the marble on the subway. On the way home, Nadia was being her usual cute self and talking to everyone on the subway.

OH, OH, OH!! I just remembered - Nadia can now say her name correctly. She used to only be able to say "Na-na" when you ask her what her name is. All of a sudden today, on the subway going to GoPets, she said it right. Naa-dia. She says it with the long "Naa" like that, which I think is adorable. I was kind of sad, but also thrilled that I was there for the first time she said it correctly. I know it was the first time, because earlier today, I heard her say "Na-na". She must have been thrilled too, because all the way to and from GoPets, she was singing the "Naa-dia" song!

Ok, back to the marble. The subway coming home was crowded but a very nice lady got up for us (she even pushed a guy out of the way for me - and I mean PUSHED) and let us have her seat. Nadia was eating a lollipop and everyone was smiling at how sticky her face and hands were getting. Except me, I wasn't laughing because I didn't have any wipes with me. I forgot to put them in my new purse. Anyway, she finished the lollipop and gave me the stick, which I put back in the wrapper and put in my pocket to throw away later. Nadia saw me put it in my pocket and immediately reached for her pockets. And lo and behold, she pulled out a marble.

Now, being the pessimist that I am, I foresaw what was going to happen when you put a marble in a little girl's hand on a crowded subway. Anyone else?

Yup, after a little while, she dropped the little itty-bitty marble.

And CHAOS! It was like the wave. I saw the marble rolling away and as it did, Koreans went down trying to get it for Nadia. Once it rolled past them, they'd get up and try to point it out to the next person. It was hilarious. Nadia was about to start crying (I had been telling her that if she dropped it, it was all gone) when I saw someone pick it up and start passing it back towards us. It was probably about 10 people away from us! I got it back and convinced Nadia to let me put it in her pocket and zip up the pocket. When she agreed and I did it, a bunch of people started laughing. I got Nadia to yell "Kamsamnida!" (which means "thank you") to everyone. After everyone squeeled and said "Ipoda!" ("beautiful" or "cute!"), a bunch of them said "chonmaneyo" ("you're welcome"). It was really amazing. On the subway, people are usually just standing or sitting there, not looking at each other or talking unless they are with someone. Nadia made them all talk to each other and smile and laugh. I saw a few of them motion to each other how big her eyes are and how big her cheeks are.

Yes, I was proud of her. And glad that the marble was put away.

Oh, and I was pretty proud of myself too. I realized today that I am no longer freaked out by the prospect of going out and about in Seoul. I've said this before, but I can tell the taxi "right", "left", "straight" and "stop here". And today I smiled at myself when the driver of the taxi understood me perfectly when I told him where to go.

In a few days, it will have been a year since I first stepped foot in Korea. I've come a long way in a year, baby.
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