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Nadia's turn!

The art school that Maya goes to just started toddler classes. We were invited to do a trial class, which was today. Nadia was excited to be going to "my aat tass" and, as I expected, she loved the whole thing.

We left the apartment at noon, since we had to walk there and the class was at 12:30pm. For the second straight day, Nadia wasn't watching where she was going and walked smack into a tree.


Anyway, so we get there (after I got her to stop crying with promise of candy after her class) and she walks right up to the teacher and says "hi som-sam-nim!". Sonsaengnim is the Korean word for Teacher. All the women there love her and show it with squeals of delight every time she opens her mouth. LOL They just love her voice. The teacher takes Nadia and puts on her little smock. OMG, she's so cute in it. I think this was more of a Mommy-n-Me class because all the other moms (and some grandmoms) sat with their kids and helped them along with the project.

The first project we did was cover little paper cups with colored cellophane. Mommy had to help with the taping and the teacher did the cutting of the bottom of the cup after the cellophane was taped on. Then Nadia had at them with stickers. We made four different colored ones and she was having so much fun looking at everyone with the different colored ones and then saying, "you yellow!" or "bamma (grandma) bue!" The teacher wanted them to decorate the cups with the stickers but Nadia had different ideas and put the stickers on the cellophane. All the other kids did the same too. But this teacher is awesome - she really lets them do what they want. She didn't bat an eye and encouraged with more stickers.

While waiting for the other kids to finish theirs, Nadia got this idea to stack her cups.

All of a sudden, all the other kids were doing it too! My child, the trendsetter! LOL The teacher went around helping all the kids count the cups in their towers. Nadia was having a blast!

After that project, the teacher passed out a large piece of paper and glue sticks. All the kids took the glue sticks and made huge circles or lines with it all over their paper. Then the teacher gave everyone a pile of cut up cellophane. The kids then took pieces and stuck them on their papers.

One of the other little girls was sitting next to the supply box on the table. She grabbed a bunch of googly eyes and stuck them on the paper too. When the teacher went over to her to check on her project, she saw the googly eyes and started laughing. She held up the paper and asked the kids if they saw the eyes. One of the older kids (probably was 3) said that it looked like animals peeking out of a forest! Nadia then said, "teacher, my have fum eyes too?" and everyone got some googly eyes to stick too.

After the class, everyone ran out as if the place was on fire! LOL Nadia and I lingered a bit, getting our coats on and chatting with the teacher. She is very sweet and I can tell that she loves kids, the way she hugs them and talks to them and really encourages them. She asked me if I was taking Korean lessons also (she knows that Maya does). I told her no but that I try to listen in on Maya's lesson and I'm picking it up slowly, especially taking the taxi and such. She was impressed with my pronounciation. :-) She then said to me, "I have a suggestion, please don't be offended." I thought, oh great, now what? Then she said, "If I teach you Korean, will you teach me more English?" YES, YES, YES! Problem is when...but she's willling to wait until September when Nadia starts preschool (which we just got the acceptance letter yesterday for her, so YAY!). I'm so excited!

Nadia and I both can't wait until the next art class. :-)
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