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My Valentine to Chris

Hey, look at me! I was imaginative last night! :-p

I wanted to make Chris a Valentine's Day card for a little while now, since I haven't had a real chance to buy anything for him. Plus, he is a hard person to shop for. LOL Anyway, Chris also has a hard time believing that he is a hottie. He can't see how freaking adorable / sexy he is, but I suppose that's understandable since we all see our own faults so much easier than others.

Well, most of us. I see some people's faults clear as day and yet they can't see it themselves...but that's for another post.

So, I came up with an idea of a card that highlights Chris' attributes and reasons that I love him so.

But, you know what? I'm the biggest procrastinator in the world. No, really. I waited until 7pm on Valentine's Day to start working on the card. Luckily, for once, Chris' hours lately have him getting home 9pm or later. Usually much later. Give me an inch of padding and I'll pretend it's a foot.

Anyway, I print out some of my favorite pictures of Chris. Six of them. I love these pictures - they show off how handsome, sexy and amazing he is. I then took six plain white greeting cards and glued them together to make an accordian fold card with 7 panels.

Then I decorated the front panel of the card, the part that would show when it was all folded up. I simply covered it with some pretty patterned paper and found a journaling panel on which I wrote my message.

The rest of the panels were comprised of the pictures and one or two sentences of what that pic represents for me. You can see them, if you're interested, in my Valentine's Day Card Gallery.

Be prepared for hot pictures of a sexy bald man! :-D

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